8 tips to save yourself from being knocked out or killed in PUBG Mobile

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, many of you are being knocked out or killed for the most obvious reasons while playing PUBG on your mobile. It’s always advised to keep yourself safe during certain actions or movements you make. Here are the 8 tips to save yourself from being knocked out or killed in PUBG Mobile.


1) Prone When Looting A Body

Keeping yourself safe is the first priority, looting the body means you are in sight of players who can take advantage of the scene and take you out easily. So, whenever you are trying to loot a body after a kill, prone or at least crouch and take the items so that you are not being caught by anyone’s eye.


2) Hide Indoors When In Red Zones

If you have noticed the Red circles on your map, it indicates areas that are about to get bombed from the air. And while you are inside the circle, it’s forcing you to move out quickly so you don’t get yourself damage.

It’s not a bad idea to stay in the Red circles, yes you heard it right. For those who try to run out of circles are most likely to get bombed or caught by other players and take a hit. If you are good at your place and don’t want to move out of the area, it’s better to hide than to run from it.

Get to the indoors and wait for the bombing to stop and Red area to be clear. Pick any building, house or structure that gives you shelter, this way you can protect yourself from the Red Zones.


3) Don’t Rush For The Supply Drops

Yes, rushing for the supply drop will eventually get you killed. It’s not just you who is willing to rush to the supply drops, there are others as well. More importantly, there are players who are sniping the target area and waiting for someone to start rushing for the supply drop. Beware!

If you want to loot the crate, you can sit back for a while and let others come to loot. From here, take them out smartly, even if they have picked up the supplies, you will get them back once they are being killed.

4) Don’t Jump From Heights And Running Vehicles

Unless you want to suicide, don’t jump from heights and running vehicles. Jumping off from the height is mostly overlooked by many and shouldn’t be done. Also jumping off from running vehicles is lethal. Even at low speeds, you try to exit out from the vehicle and your goose is cooked. If you want to exit, just stop the vehicle and safely move out of it.


5) Unnecessary Looting Will Get You Killed

It is not always necessary to loot everyone, perhaps it can be a risk of getting yourself killed. Once you have everything in your bag, there’s no need to loot more items. If you run for it blindly, there’s more chance of getting knocked out or killed.

6) Make Use Of Vehicles For Faster Movements

Wheels are always better than running on legs. If you are going for longer distances, you better search for a vehicle instead of running. Fortunately, you will find them around houses, buildings or structures. If you are carrying a team around, you should get a jeep or something to accommodate four people to reach the destination.

While the motorbikes, buggy, and ATVs are faster and better, the bigger cars can give you enough protection and save you from other players if they are shooting at your side even though it’s slower in speed.


7) Use Headphones To Hear Footsteps & Firing

You should also plug in a pair of headphones/earphones while playing the game. It can help you hear the footsteps of nearby enemies as well as how close the shooting occurs. Plus, you can command your team via voice instead of the chat.

8) Lower Graphics For Better Performance And Smooth Gameplay

Being a graphics intensive game, it requires a powerful hardware to run the game at the high-graphic settings. It is recommended that you don’t set the graphics manually to highest just for the sake of better looking. Keep it default or lower the graphics slider, it may increase the performance and smooth out the overall gameplay. A smooth gameplay will ensure you can target enemies properly and shoot them without any lags.

Also, make sure that you don’t have any heavy background tasks running, else there are chances that your game will lag and you end up being killed due to it.


If you know any other tricks then share it in the comments below. Here’s how you can play PUBG Mobile with your friends, this guide will let you invite or join a local team.