6 ways to die in PUBG Mobile

What if I say that there are people exists who want to die in PUBG Mobile? Killing yourself may sound stupid for many of you, but the reality is that if one or more of your team members die early, you likely aren’t going to enjoy the game without them. This is the reason you want to die, so you can play again together. Here are the 6 ways to die in PUBG Mobile for those who want to exit the game for a new match.


1) Drown In Water

The first and the most obvious way to die in PUBG Mobile is to drown under water. If you are on the ground, you should run to the lakes or beaches and sink off in it. It takes a while to die in water but it works, try it.


2) Bomb Yourself

Once you pick up the grenades (or Molotov bombs), you have the option to kill yourself by throwing it on yourself. Just throw it at the ground around your legs and wait for it to blow. This way you die in peace if you know what I mean.

3) Jump From Heights

When you don’t have bombs or oceans nearby, you can jump off from a cliff or a great height to kill yourself, easy eh?



4) Jump From Running Vehicles

This is probably the best way to die in PUBG Mobile. Whenever you find a vehicle – motorbike, buggy, ATV, or Jeep, drive it and jump out of it to die. While it’s not easy to find a vehicle on an enormous island where there are a total of hundred players playing, you will need to roam around to find one. Find them around houses, buildings or structures.


5) Run Inside Running Vehicles

There are more ways to die. If you see someone nearby driving a vehicle, run into it and die instantly. You are going to die anyway if they see you, try to get near the vehicle or get killed by them.

PUBG Mobile

6) Die In Red Zone

You will encounter Red zones at times and that means it’s time for you to die. If you have noticed, the Red circles on your map indicate areas that are about to get bombed from the air. If you see a Red circle on your map, quickly run into the area and wait for the bomb to drop on you.

It’s great if you are already in the zone, but if you aren’t, try the other ways we have shown you. If you know any other ways to kill yourself, mention them in the comments to let others know.

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