A history of how Nokia came into being: 1865 – 2012

Nokia legendary stature as a mobile company might be a thing of the past, but it is still a special company to us Indians.

Nokia has given us much happiness over the years and it has ruled the Indian market for almost ages. It is a company to be inquisitive about.

We have Nokia’s history, directly from Nokia itself. Here are all the important events in Nokia’s history.

1865:  Though we all know Nokia to be a Finnish company, but hardly anyone would have thought it to be this old, it is a mobile company after all. But its founder, Fredrik Idestam, established Nokia in South-west Finland and named the company after the Nokianvirta river that flows there.

1865-71: Nokia is not a tech company per se; in fact during this period it was making tyres and rubber boots!



: Nokia’s co-founder Leo Mechelin wants to expand into the electricity business.

: Nokia adds electricity to its expanding business.

: Nokia starts making telephone, electric and telegraph cables.
Nokia’s telecommunication era begins. It is the groovy 60’s and 70’s.

The Electronics division of the cable department found. It produces telephone.

: Nokia makes its first electronic device, a pulse analyzer for nuclear plants – talk about starting huge! 

: Nokia merges with Finnish rubber works and Finnish Cable works to create the Nokia Corporation.

The 1970s
: Nokia comes out with the Nokia DX 200.

: The Nordic mobile telephony network is started.

: Nokia makes a communication device for the defense forces called the Sanomaaite M/90.

Nokia introduces the world’s first handheld devices


The 90’s:
  Nokia plays a great role in developing GSM

Nokia starts to concentrate solely on telecommunications, expands to North America and Asia, Yippee!

: Nokia’s turnover jumps from 6.5 billion to 32 Billion. We see a spate of releases and also see improvements with every model.
The first Nokia touchscreen phone – the 7710 is released.
2003: Nokia releases the Nokia 1100, sells 200 million units becomes #1

2005: Nokia releases its first QWERTY phone – the E61. 


could be simply dubbed as Nokia rules, but still look at these. Remember 6600, 6610, 2100 and all the phones with just numbers as their names? We do.

2009: Nokia releases the social networking phones X6 and X3.

: Nokia sees pitfalls. Market status drops to all-time low. Builds up an alliance with Microsoft. Banks on Windows and starts abandoning Symbian. Releases the Lumia range with a massive ad campaign, the success of which is best left unanalyzed for now.

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