How to access recent apps on Vivo phones based on FunTouch OS [Beginner’s Guide]

Most people who own Android phones are familiar with Android environment. But, things are quite different if you’ve got a Vivo smartphone. Vivo uses a custom Android interface known as FunTouch which most Vivo smartphones came with. If you are confused and want to know how access recent apps on Vivo phones, check out this beginner’s guide below.


Android has a dedicated Recent Apps apps button, either on the outside or inside the screen, but Vivo comes with a different function. Vivo’s software is user friendly and it allows you to quickly return to those recently used apps with a simple swipe.

How to access recent apps on Vivo phones based on FunTouch OS

Vivo’s interface comes with a shortcut menu that can be accessed from the bottom edge

  • To access the recent app list, simply swipe from the bottom to the top.
  • Now, there you see a list of apps that you have recently opened.
  • Tap the one you want to switch to, otherwise just drag and throw outside the window.



Do check this short video guide below.

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