ACT Fibernet launches 1 Gbps wired broadband service in Hyderabad

Even as the nation average speed of broadband in India is well below a mere 2.5 Mbps, ACT Fibernet has now launched its 1 Gbps wired broadband service, making it the first Internet Service Provider in India to launch Gigabit broadband.


ACT Fibernet has announced the launch of its 1 Gbps wired broadband service in Hyderabad. The plan, which is priced at a monthly rental of Rs. 5999, would offer 1 Gbps data speeds. However, there is a 1 TB FUP limit, post which the speed would be throttled to 10 Mbps. There is also an additional one-time installation charge of Rs. 5000.

Speaking about the launch, Bala Malladi, CEO, ACT Fibernet, said, “With our citizens and the government moving towards the Digital India movement, high speed internet is the need of the hour. With the launch of our 1 Gbps broadband internet service, it gives me immense pride to turn this dream into reality. The city of Hyderabad is apt for our maiden launch as it has some of the best technology brands, educational institutions and a vibrant economy.