ACT Fibernet upgrades old plans in New Delhi, now offers 150 Mbps speed for Rs. 1,999

ACT Fibernet just upgraded its entire line of plans except for the basic plan. The renewed plans affect Delhi. ACT’s revised plans increase the speeds of the current offers as well as revise the old FUP.

“In Delhi, we have always witnessed an ever growing demand among consumers for high-speed broadband connectivity. Keeping this in mind, we have revised and upgraded our plans to offer better speeds at no additional costs.” the ISP said.


So except for the ACT basic plan which gives 20 Mbps speed, every plan above it has been upgraded without any extra cost for the subscribers. Now, there are 4 plans above the basic one.

Two of them, previously running with 40 Mbps will now provide 75 Mbps speeds. The FUP has also been increased for both the plans. These plans are ACT Bronze and ACT Silver. However, both the plans stick to their previous prices of Rs. 999 and Rs. 1,199 respectively.

The top two plans are ACT Gold and ACT Platinum. The ACT Gold plan now improves the speeds to 100 Mbps jumping from 75 Mbps. While ACT Platinum plan gets a new speed of 150 Mbps. That’s a bonus of 50 Mbps at no extra cost. Both these plans are priced Rs. 1,499 and Rs. 1,999 respectively. Additionally, SOHO (Small office / Home Office) plans have also been given a boost in speed and FUP. Finally, all these plans come into effect starting 1st August 2017.