After Apple loses lawsuit, Chinese officials seize iPads from Apple stores

It seems Apple’s China woes have begun. After losing an injunction in the Chinese court against a Chinese company, Apple’s iPads are being rampantly seized from Apple stores throughout China. People from the administrations of industry and commerce are seizing all in-stock iPads making Apple’s future in China a tad bit uncertain.


The worst part though is that the case is still in the court and Apple has just lost the preliminaries. Still, the Chinese government has whipped Apple and it seems the world’s most populated might not see the next rendition of Apple’s tablet, as of now. The company waging the war against Apple has also demanded $38 million in damages and an official apology from Apple. Apple is in a weird position as of now. While $38 million is pocket change for Apple, the question is more about reputation. If Apple pays up or is vanquished from China, both ways it’s reputation is left pretty damaged.

So, will Apple pay up? Or will it avoid China altogether? That drama is yet to unfold. Stay glued to your seats till then.