Airtel 4G coming to Kolkata, ZTE to manage the 4G network

3G services in India were delayed by a significantly long time, and it was not that affordable when it finally arrived. Now we believe that Bharti Airtel is going to be the first mobile operator in India to launch the next generation 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) services for its users in Kolkata. 

Airtel-4G  According to a press release, Airtel has given ZTE Corporation the responsibility to plan, design, deploy and supply its 4G network in Kolkata. We all know that ZTE is a global player of providing 4G services to other operators around the world so Airtel has entrusted the company with its 4G services. 

Sanjay Kapoor, CEO Bharti Airtel (India & South Asia) said, “According to industry estimates, by 2016 – 6% of all mobile connections will have 4G connection, which would create 36% of the total mobile data traffic – thus paving way for the ensuing data revolution. The impending launch of 4G in the country will provide ultra high speed data access, driving fundamental changes in society at large. We look forward to the launch of 4G technology in India, which will be timed to match the world in its launch.” 
With Airtel 4G arriving in India, users will now have access to high speed internet on the go. 4G is obviously better than the 3G and so now users will be able to watch live TV, download songs, apps, have a high definition video conferencing and what not in a jiffy directly on to their mobile devices. Airtel has won 4G licenses in four telecom circles viz Kolkata, Maharashtra, Punjab and Karnataka.
Will you go in for the 4G services or are you planning to opt for the 3G services or are you even happen with your 2G based EDGE/GPRS browsing? Let us in the comment below.