Airtel busts myths around Airtel Zero, says 150 start-ups have shown interest

Just a couple days back, Airtel launched its Zero platform, which would allow users to access apps and services without any extra charge and instead the platform would charge the companies behind those apps for the data you use. Well, ever since the announcement of Airtel Zero, there has been an ongoing debate around it saying it violates net neutrality. That is a never ending debate and Airtel has taken matter into its own hand and explained a few things about Airtel Zero.


Firstly, Airtel says around 150 small start-ups have already shown interest in the new Zero platform. According to Airtel’s Conusmer Business director, “over 150 start-ups – with majority being small start-ups – have contacted to enquire about the product. For the record, every one of them told us what a great platform we will be providing to them and for a change they will have an “equal opportunity” to run with the big boys. On an average, Airtel Zero will help reduce their marketing costs by almost three quarters.”

Airtel has also explained its Zero platform better and also busted some myths around it. According to Srini, Airtel Zero will not be providing preferential access and instead, it will providing universal and free access to customers. He also denied that large companies might be favoured in the platform and the smaller start-ups might miss out.

Srini also says that as a concept, the Airtel Zero has got nothing to do with net neutrality and it will not discriminate between companies who come under the Zero platform and the companies who don’t. According to Mr. Gopalan, not many people are clear on what net neutrality is all about.

He also added that the platform added to the Government’s vision of Digital India. He said, “Never before has an open and innovative platform like Airtel Zero been on offer that will help drive internet adoption through free usage (and companies and app developers being an equal partner in the process). It will also drive innovation in the internet and mobile app space by providing a cost-effective and non-discriminatory platform, in particular, to smaller companies. This will truly drive ‘Make in India, For India’.”