Android becomes the No. 1 Mobile OS in the US

android_no1_us A research by Nielsen conducted in the month of June says that Android is the top smartphone operating system with 39% market share. It has beaten Apple’s iOS which has a market share of 28% which has also managed to become the top smartphone manufacturer in the US with the same percentage. This has left BlackBerry makers RIM to take the third spot with a 20% market share.
HTC takes 20% of the market, with 14% of it included Android phones and the remaining 6% due to Windows Mobile/Windows Phone sales and became the second largest manufacturer in the US after Apple. Samsung came third with 8% of Android sales and 2% through Windows Mobile/Windows Phone. Motorola is still good with 11% thanks to its Droid series of handsets. Windows Phone contributed 9% and the lowest in competition were webOS and Symbian with 2% each.