Android distribution numbers for June 2017 are here, Nougat sees jump in the share

As is common knowledge, the beginning of every month sees Google release latest numbers on different versions of Android getting used on devices in terms of percentage. And we do Android distribution numbers from time to time. Here is the one from March.


Beginning with Android Nougat, 2.4% increase in share which makes it a total of a mammoth 9.5%. Android Marshmallow and Android Lollipop still sit on the pie with the biggest share of 31.2% and 30.8% respectively. Together these two dominate the Android ecosystem with a total share of 62%. Don’t worry. Android Nougat will creep up slowly. Just don’t show these numbers to your iPhone wielding friend. So, as of now, Android Marshmallow take the mantle from Lollipop which was dominant last month.

Going lower, Android Kitkat 4.4 KitKat has 18.1% is number three. Android Nougat is number 4 at 9.5%. Android ICS and Android gingerbread both have the lowest share at 0.8%