Angry Birds Space crosses 100 million downloads

Angry Birds, the ever popular multi platform game which saw its latest instalment, the Angry Birds Space release back in March had has reached a new milestone of more than 100 million downloads worldwide. 


We know that the game took only 3 days to cross the 10 million mark and about a month to cross the 50 million mark. And now in just two months time, the Angry Birds have indeed ruled the Space with 100,000,000 downloads. 

The success of any Angry Birds game is guaranteed but the special thing about the AB Space is to be accredited to the new Zero-Gravity gameplay that Rovio was able to hit bang-on target.
We also know that the game hasn’t arrived on the Windows Phone platform yet but it is confirmed that it’ll surely arrive there and by this, the numbers are bound to increase. 
Also, not to forget that there is an Angry Birds theme park waiting to open up for AB fanatic fans. And a new Angry Birds game dubbed the Angry Birds Heikki, which is F1 themed, is warming up in the pits to arrive on 18-06. So keep QUACKING!