Apple announces iOS 6

Today Apple has shaken the world again at the WWDC 2012. It has already made announcements regarding the Macbooks and now it’s the iOS.
The next iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 6 is now official. Apple says that there are 200 new features added to the mobile OS.  So what all is new with the most advanced mobile operating system? Loads!

Let’s check out the new features:

  • Apple has updated and made Siri more superior and advanced.
  • Siri can pull in better info from various sources including sports info from Yahoo, restaurant info from Yelp, and also movie info and trailers from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • It can now launch apps. Just say ‘open Angry Birds’ and it opens up the app.
  • Siri will let you Tweet by voice.
  • Supports languages for 15 countries.
  • Siri will also come packaged in a button on some car’s steering wheels. Brands include BMW, GM, Land Rover, Audi, and Honda.
  • Now available on the iPad and can be accessed by hold-tapping the home button on the iPad.
  • Siri only takes up a small portion of the bottom half of the screen, popping up with rounded corners and the same blue linen finish as on the iPhone version.
New Maps:
  • New revamped maps with turn-by-turn navigation, improved traffic, and Yelp integration,
  • For security, the mapping features will work in the lock screen, and Siri will also be integrated.
  • Flyover 3D modeling including buildings and geographical features.
Facebook Integration:
  • Facebook is finally integrated into iOS
  • Let’s Share photos, links, maps, iTunes links, and Game Center content.
  • Facebook Events and Birthdays are automatically added to Calendar
  • Phone numbers will appear in Contacts list.
Phone app:
  • The app can now set a reminder to call someone back if you don’t want to pick up when they’re calling.
  • You can choose to send a message instead of pick up the call.
  • Geo-fence feature allows you to be reminded to call someone when you leave a certain area.
  • Do not disturb feature: Lets you tell your phone not to bother you with alerts or badges. Messages come through but there is no alert paired with its delivery.
  • Do not disturb feature lets you assign certain contacts to let through during do not disturb mode.
  • FaceTime now available over cellular data.
  • You will have a unified phone number and Apple ID for FaceTime, as well as Messages.
  • iCloud Tabs to be available in Safari.
  • Offers a synchronized list of tabs open across all iDevices.
  • The feature is exclusive to OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6
  • Safari will add an offline reading list.
  • You’ll be able to upload photos straight from Safari.
  • Smart App Banners will let people know about your native app in the App Store.
VIP Mail:
  • The feature allows you a way to star email contacts that are most frequently contacted or very important people.
  • Mail VIPs will not be pushed to the top, but will be starred in chronological order among other inbox contents.
  • Mail VIPs will be hooked into iCloud, meaning that all VIP Contacts will be synced across devices.
  • You will have two inboxes: VIP inbox and a flagged inbox.
  • Get all your passes in one place, including boarding passes, tickets, and coupons.
  • It works with other apps, like the Starbucks store app or various apps to buy movie tickets with. Brands include Starbucks, Fandango, United, Amtrak, and Apple Store.

So Apple does it again. The features sound awesome and we can’t wait to try it out. The new iOS 6 will support all iPhone models including 3GS and above, iPad 2 and above and iPod Touch 4th gen. The developer version is available now and will be available to consumers in fall. Stay tuned for more on iOS 6.