Apple customers most satisfied ones: JD Powers Survey

Its been a while since we have seen a release from Apple, but that does not mean in any way that the company has been off the market, or that people have stopped buying iPhones. Despite news that phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 are slowly etching into the iPhone’s position, Apple still maintains brand loyalty and not just that, it’s customers are the most satisfied in the smartphone industry, according to a recent survey by JD Powers.


The survey throws up some amazing – 21 percent of people choose a phone  because of price. However, purchasing power parity has increased now from $174 to $202. Not surprisingly, features are the most important reason a person invests in a phone.

Apple has always maintained a premium market, even in countries where affordable smartphones are the fad, such as India. While Samsung is a close second, it is still Apple that tops the list.

Apple has shown that in the smartphone industry, if you stick to your guns, you will always have a loyal consumer base. Samsung has also reiterated this philosophy with the Galaxy S5, which it has endowed with a similar form factor like previous generations despite being ridiculed for being plasticky.

My opinion is that Samsung will slowly but steadily claim this lead from Apple.

Will the same story continue with the iPhone 6, or will new brands or even Samsung disrupt this trend? We will get to know in some months.