Survey of smartphone owners shows Apple users most loyal; Nokia beats HTC and Sony

Smartphone owners are a loyal group, it seems. Despite so many smartphones being released every year, some people just stick with one brand. A survey of smartphone owners brought up some interesting things – not surprisingly, Apple users are sticklers for iPhones and 78 percent of them would invest in an iPhone again. But there is more.


Samsung came in second, with around 58 percent people sticking to Samsung handsets. LG though commanded a surprising third place. It is quite a surprise since the company hasn’t unveiled too many stunners other than the LG G2.

Another surprise is that Nokia beat HTC and Sony in terms of loyalty. It seems Nokia still has a place in its user’s hearts after all these years. HTC and Sony, despite bringing out good phones haven’t been aggressive with price points which is where Nokia trumps them. Also only one-fifth of users chose to stick to their Motorola or BlackBerry. While BlackBerry is down in the dumps, business is picking up for Moto G and Moto X, which is why it is rated one spot above.

Will this change, most probably the spots at the top will remain the same, but the bottom ones might change with upcoming phones such as the All New HTC One.