Apple ditches YouTube app in iOS 6 Beta 4

After the announcement of iOS 6, Apple has been releasing Beta updates for developers and yesterday we saw iOS 6 Beta 4 made available.

Apart from the usual bug fixes and updates, there is another Google service that has gone missing. The YouTube app is nowhere to be seen and is now the second big service by Google that Apple has removed from the new iOS 6.

When Apple announced the iOS 6, it revealed that it had ditched Google Maps for good to replace it with its own maps app, and now with this new update, will we see the YouTube app going out for good?

Apple has commented that the license to distribute the YouTube app has just expired and that they are not planning on renewing it. Apple also said that YouTube is not gone forever, and that Google is preparing a new YouTube app that will be available at the App Store for download.

It seems Apple is a bit unhappy with Google, well of course it is the battle of the OS, but will Apple now take it to the battle of the apps as well?