iPhone 5 users now complaining of bent frames

Since the time iPhone 5 hit the markets, the 4-inch smartphone has been in the news for some or the other wrong reason. It all started with the ‘Scuffgate’ followed by ‘Purple Haze’ and now we see a new issue that iPhone 5 users are facing which is soft, bendy frame


The news comes in from Nowhereelse, which indicates that if in case you sit down with your iPhone 5 in the back pocket, you might end up with a bent frame of the iPhone 5 as you can see in the image above.

The iPhone 5 arrives with an aluminium body and is also thinner than the previous iPhones and a little pressure on the device is resulting in a bend. It might be because the alloy used in the manufacturing of the iPhone 5 is much softer and more flexible than that used in the previous iPhones.