Apple iPhone 5S camera module confused with the iPhone 5C

While we earlier thought that the cheaper version of the iPhone may have an 8 MP camera, the camera details we got could have been of the iPhone 5S.


According to reports, the camera module seen earlier and believed to be of the iPhone 5C may actually be a part of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S. The module was listed on inventory as “APPLE IPHONE 5S REAR CAMERA ORIGINAL NEW.” The camera on the iPhone 5S is expected to be supported by a dual LED flash. The camera module carry the official Apple part numbers beginning with 821.

Now that the 8 MP camera is linked to the iPhone 5S, it’s hard to imagine what camera Apple would use for their affordable iPhone. It is still hard to believe that Apple would pack the same goods of the iPhone 5 in plastic casing and sell it at a lower price as the iPhone 5C.