Apple increases iPhone pricing in India as the government hikes import duty

Apple has today announced that it has increased the price of some of its iPhone models in the Indian market. The move comes after the Government of India re-imposed 10 percent service welfare cess over and above existing 20% basic customs duty in India.


For those who are unaware, the government last month increased the import duty on PCBA from 10 percent to 20 percent, chargers from 15 percent to 20 percent and mobile phone components such as display panel, touch panel, microphone and receiver from 0 to 10 percent.

The company said that it is increasing the pricing for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max smartphones in India. Since the iPhone 7 and iPhone XR are getting assembled in India, they have not been impacted with the price hike.

Along with them, the pricing of the iPhone 11, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac laptops have not been raised. These products are being imported from China.

Below are the details about the Apple iPhone price hike.

Smartphone ModelOld PriceNew PriceIncrease
iPhone 8 64 GB₹39,900₹40,5001.5%
iPhone 8 128 GB₹44,900₹45,5001.33%
iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB₹49,900₹50,6001.4%
iPhone 8 Plus 128 GB₹54,900₹55,6001.27%
iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB₹99,900₹1,01,2001.3%
iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB₹1,13,900₹1,15,2001.14%
iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB₹1,31,900₹1,33,2000.98%
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB₹1,09,900₹1,11,2001.18%
 iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB₹1,23,900₹1,25,2001.04%
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB₹1,41,900₹1,43,2000.91%