Apple patents OLED tech with light sensing sensors

While Apple is not usually known to use the OLED displays for its devices, that hasn’t stopped the tech giant from putting its R&D team on that path and seems like it met with some success.


According to a new patent awarded to Apple by USPTO, Apple has created a way to help with the problem of OLED displays aging faster than LCD displays. The patent of Organic Light Emitting Diode, which Apple has filed for, uses photo sensors built into the display to detect these changes and compensate accordingly.

The photo sensors would also act as light meters for different areas of the display. Hence if the top part of your screen is in sunlight, but the lower is in shade, the display can adjust and change the brightness in different pixel groups in order to have the best display for different lighting conditions. It would be interesting to see if Apple would use this technology in its future devices.