Apple releases the iOS 7.1 update, here’s what it brings

We reported earlier that Apple might release the iOS 7.1 update this week and it has turned out to be true. Apple has just released the first major update to iOS 7 since its launch last year.


The update has been available for developers for a while now in the form of a beta and now, Apple has seen the update fit to be released to its users. There are a number of interesting features, minor improvements along with under the hood updates.

iOS 7.1 Update features

The iOS 7.1 update brings CarPlay support. CarPlay was announced last week and Apple had said that they will bring CarPlay support to iPhone 5s, 5c and 5 through an update and as we expected, iOS 7.1 update brings CarPlay support. CarPlay was recently demoed by Mercedes at the Geneva Motor Show so its great the support has come fast and quick.

There are Siri improvements too in the update. There’s ability to control the time Siri listens to you. You can now hold the home button and speak to Siri and release it when you’re done.  There’s ‘more natural’ language support for Siri – Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English and Japanese.

iOS 7.1 also brings some visual changes to the keyboard, dialer, in-call buttons, lockscreen icons and more. There’s ability to reduce the Parallax effect in the multitasking screen, Weather and Messages app. iTunes Radio has also received an update which brings ability to create stations and you can also subscribe to iTunes Match from any iDevice. The Calendars app now shows the events list in the months view by default.

We reported recently about Apple working on an update to fix the TouchID issues that some iPhone 5s users were facing and well, iOS 7.1 update is said to come with the fix. Now, there’s an option in the camera which automatically enables the HDR mode. Facetime notifications are now synced across devices and can be cleared from any of the synced devices.

There’s some great news for iPhone 4 users as well. The update reportedly brings much needed improvements in the performance of iPhone 4. So, anyone planning to buy the recently re-launched iPhone 4 in India, this is surely a boost up.

All in all, this is a pretty good update for iOS 7 users. You can download the update via iTunes or through your iDevice itself. Do tell us, when you’re done updating your device and share with us, how you like the new iOS 7.1 update.