Apple shares on fire; one costs $600 now

It seems Apple shows the way to go when it comes to creating milestones. If smashing record after record with its product sales wasn’t enough, Apple is creating history even with its shares. A single share of Apple now costs $600 (about Rs. 30,000)!


So people who have invested in Apple trust that the company will continue its reign of success over the coming years. Really, when it comes to share price, Apple is a prized catch. In our memory, Apple shares have hardly seen a bad day after the iPhone 4S launch last year. 

One more thing that has now been proved is that Tim Cook, the guy to whom Steve Jobs handed the reins of Apple is doing a good job. Any doubts towards his performance after Steve Jobs have disappeared. One thing we can credit Jobs with, besides being the visionary who took Apple from the ground up, is leaving a good system in place to manage such a large company. Three cheers for Steve!