Apple trying to take control over domain

Apple and legal cases are not new as we have seen the company roam about in the Court of Law suing competitors for patent infringements and even individuals who own a domain name related to the company’s upcoming products. 

The recent one is all about a domain called This website is a forum where people discuss anything and everything about upcoming device from Apple. 

Apple is not trying to gain control over the domain as it has filed a case with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). WIPO is currently assessing Apple’s claim and will soon let the world know about its finding and rulings. 
We know that Apple has in the past tried and even succeeded to gain control over the domains, and a few months after the devices were announced. But this time the company is not wasting any time in taking control over
While we completely do not know what the next generation of iPhone, which is due this year and will probably be unveiled in June, be called but it may go on to be called either iPhone 5 given that Apple is trying to get hold on the domain. 
What do you feel? Will the next iPhone be called iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 or just new iPhone as it happened in the case of the ‘new iPad’?