Apple Vs Samsung: Split verdict out from South Korea

As we all know Apple and Samsung have been fighting patent war all around the world and the verdict from South Korea is out officially.


The WSJ is now reporting that the decision is more or less split between Samsung and Apple and there is no decision favouring one company or the other.

The ruling comes from Seoul where Apple has been found using two of Samsung’s patent and must stop selling devices which have been found infringing the patents. This means that Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are now banned from sales in the country.
Along with this, the ruling has also ordered the Cupertino based giant to pay $17,650 for each violated patent to Samsung as compensation.
On the other hand, the court has found Samsung infringing Apple’s “bounceback” design patent and has banned Sammy’s Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus smartphones and also Galaxy Tab and Galaxy 10.1 tablets from sale in the country.
Along with it, Samsung has also been asked to pay $22,000 as compensation for infringing the patent held by Apple in the country.
So this leads the verdict to be a no-win-no-win situation for both the tech giants. It’ll be interesting to see as to how the verdicts in other countries come out in the next few days.