Asus working on a budget Android Wear smartwatch; HTC might have one by year-end

The smartwatch business is finally getting serious. Since Samsung, Motorola and LG have already announced their smartwatches at the Google I/O, other companies are getting their act together. While we have heard about Asus and HTC’s smartwatches, we haven’t seen anything yet. But, some sources tell us, Asus already has the groundwork ready for an Android Wear based smartwatch. But, it is trying to set itself apart from others in the market – Asus is working on a cheaper smartwatch.


Asus’ smartwatch might be priced cheaper than a run-of-the-mill $200 smartwatch. It might be available at $99 or $149. While not much is known about the Asus smartwatch, it is rumored to feature an AMOLED display and gesture controls.

HTC on the other hand might have one by the year end. Not much is known about that too, except that it might be called One Wear.

While Samsung and LG have already taken the cat out of the bag, the Google I/O has kind of opened the floodgates of innovation in terms of smartwatches. Android Wear, being the unified smartwatch platform, will help companies play around with the idea, while it takes care of the software part.

Are you excited about smartwatches now?

I would rather wait for something that offers a feature I can’t live without to practically think about investing in a smartwatch.