How to disable mobile data for the background running apps [Android] [Guide]

There are many apps that run in the background and consume your mobile data, but when you are on low mobile data balance, you want to disable mobile data for the background running apps on your Android so that you can use the remaining data to the specific apps. Sometimes, the mobile data can be way too costly if you left it on overnight when you are on a low balance and the background running apps that require data will absorb the remaining juice of the data on your mobile crossing the limits of your data plan. To avoid such situations, let’s see how you can disable mobile data for the background running apps.


Save your mobile data usage with background data disabled

The easiest way to save data is to turn on the restrict background data option in your Android settings. It works like this: the data can only be used by the app which is on the front i.e the same app that you are currently interacting with can use the mobile data. All the other apps run in the background cannot use the data pack.

Note: All the email syncing services, important notifications, feeds, weather information and other apps won’t give you updates until you turn it back on.

Step 1: Open Settings on your device from the homescreen and tap Data Usage. Some phones may have it under different settings such as Call settings or Mobile Network. Find the right option in the settings.


Step 2: Tap the three dots menu lying in the top right corner on the screen. Choose the option Restrict background data and tap OK.



The background data can be disabled from the notification bar itself. It can be also changed from the same settings just touch Allow background data from Settings -> Data Usage.


If the background data disabled the updates of the background running apps you can turn back on with the same above procedure. Save your mobile data usage from crossing the limits of your data plan with background data disabled. Please note that Google Play Store requires the background data enabled on your Android smartphone.

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