BBM for Android and iOS to appear ‘within days’ : BlackBerry CMO

BlackBerry is making every effort to not let a sinking ship go down any further. BlackBerry  CMO Frank Boulben has stated that the BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iOS will appear within days. His reassurance comes after the failure of  the much hyped BBM launch, where the only thing that came through was a Beta version that appeared in Apple appstore but was taken down pretty soon.


While there are many people who have been eagerly waiting for the service to come through for their Android phones and  iPhones, Blackberry’s failed BBM launch left many consumers dissuaded and dissapointed.

While Boulben’s reassurance  might be something, he has not given any definite launch date. In addition to this, he assured consumers and investors alike that BlackBerry is doing well and that the development is going ‘according to plan’.

As far as BBM for Android and iOS is concerned, we will believe it when we see it.