5 Best PUBG Mobile Shooting Tips You Should Know

PUBG is all about survival, the last man standing takes home the chicken dinner. Playing PUBG without knowing how to shoot leads you to lose the match or give others an advantage to shoot at you. Here, we have shared some shooting tips for you to play the game smartly. Here they are the 5 best PUBG Mobile shooting tips you should know.


1) Changing Fire Mode Does Less Recoil

If you are unaware, know that the weapons shoot in different modes, there are three types of fire modes in the game. The guns fire in Auto mode, Semi-Auto or Three-Shot mode, and Single Shot. Changing it to single improves the accuracy of the weapon and is also easier to aim at the enemies, the single shot does less recoil.

When you are holding a weapon, toggle the fire mode just above the weapon to single or at least three-shot mode depending on the weapon. It also helps you to save bullets at the end.


2) Peek & Fire Makes You Less Visible

‘Peek and fire’ is one of the useful features of any shooter game, however, you may have noticed that the PUBG on mobile don’t have any peek and fire controls. You won’t see peek and fire controls, but you are given the option to enable it under the settings.

It makes you keep less visible as compared to when you open fire taking a cover. When you lean, you are giving other players as little area as possible to shoot at you, whilst being able to hit them off.

To enable peek and fire, go to Settings -> Basic and swipe to the bottom until you find Peek & Fire.



3) Pick A Powerful Weapon

Can’t find the best weapon? In case you picked the weak ones, a powerful weapon ultimately kills the enemy faster than weaker ones such as Pistols. Want to find the best weapon in PUBG Mobile to get your kills higher? See these 5 most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile that you can use.

You should choose your weapons wisely, not all weapons are same, some are powerful and some are weak, some shoot from a range or some are good in close combat. Depending on the scene, pick the weapons that suit you, a Shotgun is good for close calls or indoors, a sniper is good if you are shooting from a long range, and an assault rifle is best for all conditions.


4) Scopes Are Always Better Than Iron Sights

A weapon attached with scopes gives you enough range and accuracy to shoot at enemies. Equip scopes for better accuracy and aiming. Loot scopes even when you don’t have a weapon or a weapon that supports scopes, later you will find one that can equip it.


5) Take Cover & Shoot

Playing solo or in a squad, it’s actually safer for you (and your team) to take cover so that you aren’t easily visible by the others. Take a spot at higher ground or places that offer you a cover rather than standing outside in the open. Staying inside a building is safer, but you have limited visibility.


If you know more tips on playing the game better, hit them in the comments below. For more tips to help you in the game, try these 30 tips and tricks on the PUBG Mobile to get your Chicken dinner.