Bezel-less SHARP AQUOS S2 to be officially launched on August 8

August 8 marks the re-entry of Sharp in the mammoth Chinese smartphone market after 4 years. The company has started sending out invites for the launch of the SHARP AQUOS S2 to be unveiled in Beijing. Although the AQUOS S2 is not a first shot attempt of the Japanese giant at all-screen displays. Android enthusiasts will remember, not long ago SHARP fiddled with the bezel-less screen in the shape of the AQUOS Crystal. That was when no one cared about all screen phones. But since the idea has caught on. Now, the market has suddenly exploded.


With regards to the AQUOS S2, it will up the ante of all-screen ratios to 84.95%. It is definitely lower than the Mi Mix. So we imagine there will be quite a chunky lower bezel if SHARP decides to continue the AQUOS Crystal design. SHARP says the display will be 5.5-inches but thanks to the trimmed bezels, it will feel like 5.0 inches. The tech used in the making of the screen is called FFD(Free Form Display). The tech allows the company to drill small holes in the display itself for the camera and receiver.

Apparently, this is SHARP’s 29th attempt at all-screen phones. Eventually, the aim is to go 100% bezel-less. Ever since Foxconn acquired SHARP, the company has started pursuing the smartphone market more aggressively.