BlackBerry 10 N-Series smartphone caught on camera

While we have seen the BlackBerry L-Series or the BlackBerry Z10 leak extensively, we have never seen the QWERTY N-Series smartphone in real flesh.


But it seems that as we near the launch of the BlackBerry 10 OS scheduled for January 30th, 2013, it is finally time for the smartphone to pose for the camera.

What you are seeing above is allegedly the backside of the BlackBerry N-Series which is to arrive officially as the BlackBerry X10. Until now, we had seen the BlackBerry X10 only in renders, in a leaked commercial video and also the physical keyboard component went on to leak recently.
While we are not lucky enough to have a look at the front of the BlackBerry X10 smartphone, it might not be too long until we get to have a detailed look at the device just like in the case of the BlackBerry Z10.
Oh but there is a point to note, it might also be the case that this could be the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C smartphone which RIM is soon going to provide developers with and not the X10 as CrackBerry points out.