BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 update finally arriving on February 21st

After all the rumours and speculations from here and there and everywhere, an internal document of RIM has gone on to confirm that the much awaited BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update for the PlayBook will finally arrive on the 21st of February that is on the coming Tuesday.

The release of the update is slated for 4:01am (Time Zone unknown) of the February 21 for all the new and existing PlayBooks. The update is to bring in the much awaited and anticipated Contacts, Calendar and Email support to the tablet which has been missing since its launch.

Also the OS will now run Android Apps natively thus giving users more options to have any application to use on the PlayBook. With this RIM has also slated the launch of the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion for the February 21 only. The Fusion will allow users to manage their entire BlackBerry devices from one single interface. And RIM expects to add Android and iOS support by March to the Fusion thus expanding the reach for users.

Finally it seems that some bits and pieces are falling into place to save RIM from drowning down but we hope that all its efforts are paid off as BlackBerry 10 is still far away from launching.