BSNL announces Special Offer on Broadband Top Ups

BSNL announces Special Offer on Broadband Top Ups allowing users to enjoy unlimited Internet across India.This ending year and the festive season, from 25th December 2015 onwards, BSNL offers 10% discount on ‘Speed Restoration add-on Plans’. The exciting promotional offer will remain open up to next year on 31st January 2016.


If you are consuming too much data and you end up breaking your FUP (Fair usage Policy) Limit, your internet speed cap will turn on and your speed will be lowered to an extent. For this reason, BSNL introduced Speed Restoration add-on Plans in which the user can top up the data and continue using the broadband services. It will be added in your billing cycle after reaching the data limit for the current month.


Presently, BSNL charges for Speed Restoration – 2GB plan after FUP at ₹100, Speed Restoration – 5GB plan after FUP at ₹200, Speed Restoration – 10GB plan after FUP at ₹300 and Speed Restoration – 20GB plan after FUP at ₹500.

The revised prices for the existing plans after FUP are as follows:

Speed Restoration Add-on Plan (available on ADSL & FTTH )Extra Usage OfferedRegular BSNL Broadband TOP UP ChargesSpecial Discounted PriceApplicable
Speed Restoration – 2GB Plan2 GBRs. 10090
All Broadband Plans
Speed Restoration – 5GB Plan5 GBRs. 200180
Speed Restoration – 10GB Plan10 GBRs. 300270
Speed Restoration – 20GB Plan20 GBRs. 500450


Now you may have a doubt in your mind that “how do I check my Broadband usage if it has reached the FUP limit”. Also, for the top-up, what is the process to top up BSNL Broadband online. Nothing to worry, as when you cross the FUP limit, BSNL will prompt you with a popup and it’s up to you to go forward. You can ignore it if you want to enjoy with the current speed. The extra fees will be added to your next BSNL Broadband Bill cycle.