How to use Color Filters and Display Accommodation on iPhones [Guide]

There are so many features iPhone has and some are too popular. Apple iPhones have the ability to use color filters, adding gray scale, invert colors as well as reduce the intensity of the white point. There are numerous accessibility options on the iPhone and here’s how you can make use of it.


How to use Color Filters and Display Accommodation on iPhones

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to General -> Accessibility.
  • Enter Display Accommodations.

Under that, you will find three options – Invert Colors, Colour Filters, and Reduce White Point.



Inverting Colors On iPhone

On tapping the Invert Colors will invert the colors on the screen. Enabling Invert Colors will automatically disable Night Shift mode.


Color Filters On iPhone

The next option in the Display Accommodations is the Color Filters. Color Filters can help color blind people to differentiate colors and aids those who have difficulty in reading text on the screen. It can also get you the gray scale on the display.


Reduce Intensity Of Bright Colors

The third option will reduce the intensity of bright colors or simple the white pixels intensity. Whenever you enable this option, it dims the brightness of the display beyond the minimum brightness. It works like this, it adds some sort of dark transparent layer across the screen. People like me don’t like full brightness or at least high intensity during the night.


Lastly, there you can make use of the accessibility shortcut which lets you toggle these Display Accommodations by quickly pressing the Home key thrice. I use it to lower the white intensity to dim the brightness so that I can read the text at night.


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