How to view connection speed in status bar on POCO F1 [Guide]

The POCO F1 comes with MIUI 9.6 with a number of features out of which the connection speed might be handy for some of you. One of the most talked smartphones of today is the POCO F1 by Xiaomi. There’s a good reason to choose the POCO F1 over OnePlus 6 since it offers the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC at a lesser price. In this guide, we will show you how to enable or view the connection speed in the status bar.


Enable connection speed in status bar on POCO F1

Head to the Settings and scroll down to the System & Device tab.

Under that, hit the option Notification & status bar.

Here, you can choose the option to show the connection speed in the status bar, enable the slider Show connection speed. Yes, it’s that easy.



The problem is, the status bar at the top is concealed by the notch due to its notch-style design. You won’t be able to view the connection speed right on the status bar, it is available in the notification panel when you swipe from the top.

So, whenever you want to check the network speed or connection speed, you will have to drop down the status bar. We don’t know if this is a UI bug or it’s designed as it is. However, if it’s a bug, Xiaomi might roll out the fixes in the software updates.

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