How to control iPhone camera with Apple Watch

With smartphone screen size increasing with every iteration, it has now come to a point where it gets difficult to hold your smartphone when you want to snap photos. The situation is same with the Apple iPhone as well, however, many smartphone makers are offering several functions to make the task easier. For instance, taking photos with the volume keys or power button.


If you are into the Apple ecosystem and using iPhone as well as Apple Watch, then there’s a way to use your smartwatch to control camera on the iPhone. You can control several functions, including zoom, focus, flash light, HDR, and Live photos.

The controlling of iPhone’s camera with Apple Watch is not limited to taking photos and can also be used for videos as well with similar functions. Follow along to learn how to do it.

How to control iPhone camera with Apple Watch

  • To do this, you’ll need to open the Camera app on your Apple Watch
  • This will open the Camera app on your iPhone
  • Now, tap on the frame on your Apple Watch to set a focal point
  • You can use the watch’s Digital Crown to adjust zoom
  • Long-press on the center of the screen will get you more options, including flash, flip the camera, HDR, among others
  • To capture the image, press the shutter button or the timer button.
  • For capturing videos, press and hold the shutter button and keep holding it to keep recording. Once your release it, the video will stop recording.