How to control volumes for each app individually [Android Guide]

There are different kinds of apps available on your phone and you always control volumes for each app when you switch to it. If you are listening to music at full volumes, but during games, you lower the irritating sound, the music also affects. Android system has only a master volume which can be adjusted and all the apps follow the same volume levels. What if you want to control the volumes for each app separately? Is it possible? Yes it is, just follow our guide:


How to control volumes for each app individually

If you are tired of changing volumes for each app then let this app does it for you. App Volume Control is a smart volume control manager that allows you to control volumes for each app easily. Once you set the volumes, the app takes care of everything related to sounds. Switching between apps and games, the volumes will be adjusted automatically.

Step 1: Download and Install this app called ‘App Volume Control‘ from Google Play Store.

Step 2: When you open the app, you will be asked to turn on the services of App Volume Control. So to do that, tap as shown in the image to go to services configuration screen. Alternately, you can also visit your phone Settings and enter Accessibility. Turn on the service by tapping the slider as shown. Press OK.



The application will list out all the apps that use the system volume including the system apps. While you don’t need to change the system apps but the apps that bother you at volumes. If you don’t want to see those system apps then you can simply allow the app to show only those apps that are installed. Click the Settings gear icon on the top and disable ‘Show system apps’. You can also tweak other settings from here as well.

Now select the app that you want to control volume. I have chosen WhatsApp just to show you the tutorial. If you want, you can choose any. The app lets control volumes for five different categories:

  • Media – The primary volume for sound output, such as playing music, games, etc.
  • Ring – The ringtone of your smartphone
  • Alarm – Alarm’s sound
  • Notification – The sound of the notifications that you get on your smartphone
  • System – The system sound such as the popping sound coming from tapping the keyboard.


It can control volumes on all the devices like Bluetooth, Headset apart from just the loudspeakers. Use the arrows to select them and adjust the volumes accordingly. When done, tap the save button.


Likewise, each volume can be controlled accordingly. Once you switch apps, you will notice the difference in sound. If you don’t want to control volumes for each app, then just leave it off as it is. The application is smart enough to understand the default sounds for the apps.

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