Cortana can now be your default assistant on Android

Cortana is the AI assistant built mainly for Windows by Microsoft but it has an app on the Android Play Store as well. By default, you have Google Assistant setup on Android. So, when you long press the home button, the Google Assistant activates.


Now, with a new update, you can setup Cortana to be at your service when you long press the home button. This can be useful for people who’ve become used to Cortana. And they don’t use Google Assistant. Although Google’s product is definitely the better of the two.

Of course, there are drawbacks though. Right now, voice activation is not available. Also, Cortana doesn’t like landscape view for some reason. But like we said, If you are using Cortana on your PC you will be helped by the sync and continuity of your searches on Android. Cortana’s home screen does have the regular stuff like calendar, weather like it has on the PC.

You can set it up as default by going to the settings menu. Look for an “assist” or “assistance” button. You will find it under Apps > Default tab.  Toggle it to on. And you have setup Cortana as your default assistant.