Desktop client for Google Allo postponed by ‘a few more weeks’

The desktop client of Google Allo, which has been in the making since February seems to have been delayed by a ‘few more weeks’. The news was shared by Amit Fulay, Google Allo head, on Twitter. Fulay said on his account that work with the feature was ongoing but didn’t say exactly how long it will take. Neither did he mention the reason for its delay.

Allo from Google was launched in September last year. Despite a good initial user base, the app went cold soon after that due to a lack of important features like a desktop client. After noticing the same, Google’s VP, Nick Fox, teased a screenshot of the feature o his Twitter account.

Google officially launched Allo in September last year that kicked off in the U.S. However, its popularity on the Play Store seems to have slightly dropped a month later. This is partly due to its lack of many important features, including a desktop client. The app received a cold reception from critics and users as a result since a desktop client is considered a significant companion to a mobile app. The feature promised many needed changes like Google Assitant support and others. Four months down the road, Fox said, “I’m using Web client every day and loving it. Team is working hard to get it out ASAP [As Soon As Possible], but we’re still a month or two from public release.”

And now, finally, we have this tweet from Fulay, himself. What he says does seem positive though as Google wants to position Allo as a chief WhatsApp competitor. We can expect more news on this in the coming two weeks.