Lenovo confirms keynote event on Aug 31 at IFA 2017 with a teaser image

The IFA 2017 event is where heavyweights showcase their upcoming tech products. Specifically, smartphone makers strut their stuff and show their prowess in technology. And we eagerly await this year’s event to be a bash. OEMs usually notify the press of their presence at the key event. And Lenovo is one of them.


The China-based smartphone maker, shared a teaser image indicating that it will be there on August 31. The IFA 2017 event starts a day after. Last year, the company brought some Yoga Books along with a detachable Miix 510. So we can new models of those laptops. With respect to smartphones, we might see sequels to the Lenovo K6, K6 Note devices. The Moto Z Play revealed at IFA 2016, already has a successor.

Speaking about Moto Z Play, Motorola might also have some neat tricks up its sleeve all to itself. The Moto Z2, X4, and Moto Z2 Force are premium phones said to be launched at the end of this month. So, the Lenovo-owned subsidiary might save the G5S & G5S Plus for later. LG is also supposed to have a pre-IFA keynote of its own. And some rumours even point to Samsung coming up with the Galaxy Note8 at the event in Berlin.

At the moment, IFA 2017 seems to be a big party bash for tech enthusiasts but what OEMs might have in store is anything but confirmed. The annual event kicks off on September 1 in Germany’s capital, Berlin.