Samsung blocks third-party apps from remapping the Bixby button with an update

Samsung seems to have such a sweet spot for Bixby, it will not allow anyone to replace the troubled-AI assistant. Even if that means blocking people from remapping the Bixby button. Yes, the Korean giant has done it once again.


Earlier too, the company blocked attempts to remap the Bixby button. But developers found a workaround for it. But this time, Samsung has a workaround for the developers work around. Although it’s just for T-Mobile users. The June update called “Bixby enhancements” breaks third party access to remap the button. This update affects both the Galaxy S8 and S8 + users. Other carriers have not rolled out such an update and those remapping apps are working fine.

Plenty of remapping apps like BixBye, Bixby Button Remapper and Custom Bixby button all stopped working due to the update. The Bixby assistant has been running into problems after the launch and Samsung hasn’t been able to place it as a Google Assistant alternative. With English-recognition nowhere in sight, we doubt people would like this move from Samsung. Developers have already started to look for some more workarounds.