Dhingana launches geo-fencing solution

Worried about the unlicensed distribution of your media content or just want content that is relevant to your locality? Dhingana has come up with a musical geo-fencing solution that would help you out.


Dhingana, an on-demand music streaming service for Bollywood and India music which has an extensive library of music in 38 languages and genres licensed from global, national and regional Indian brands, has enhanced their platform with geo-fencing capabilities.

Using geo-fencing, Dhingana will distribute content on a country specific basis and thereby partner with Music Labels who have country wise limitations to distribute their content. As for the users, Dhingana would help them to find relevant content in a diverse and vast country like India. Besides this the company has also improved the cloud-based music platform thus increasing its speed by nearly ten times. These improvements would be reflected in their web and mobile products.