Digg to rebuild Google Reader

Now that Google has decided to shut down its RSS feed, Google Reader, in an attempt to provide an alternative to the disappointed users of the news feed app, many other companies are planning on introducing their own reader app. One among them is Digg. Yes, they are still alive.


While Digg has received a back seat in the web domain, it plans on coming back to the forefront by promising the users of Google Reader an app similar to it. Digg is in fact trying to rebuild Google Reader.

While Digg claims that it was already working on the RSS client, the project receive top priority after Google decide to clean off Google Reader from its list. Digg said it would add a lot of features which were like of the Google Reader into its client. Not only that, the client from Digg is going to improve essential feature to keep up with the web standards of 2013.

Those of you, like us, who just love the Google Reader and would love to save it can sign this petition to Google not to axe the Reader.