Tizen OS phones coming in August

Now that the launch of its flagship Galaxy S4 is finally done with, Samsung has now decided to concentrate on its own OS, Tizen. The company plans on releasing a Tizen phone later this year.


According to Lee Young Hee, Samsung’s EVP, the Tizen OS based phones will be out in August or September this year and would be in the high-end range. The phone with the Tizen OS is expected to have specs in line with the top devices of Samsung, like the Galaxy S4.

Samsung is already working on a full HD AMOLED display with 441 pixel density to provide a unique experience with the new OS. The reason Samsung seems to be diverting away from Android is because, like most other mobile operating systems, it is tightly controlled. Tizen, on the other hand, being an open-source software platform would make it easy to develop for a range of devices.

The Tizen Association also confirmed the OS would have “thousands” of apps available for the devices. The company claims that the devices would be the best product equipped with the best specifications.