Disqus releases app for Windows Phones

While most apps prefer to launch their apps on the Android or iOS platform considering the large user base, Disqus decided to break free from the convention and launched its official app for Windows Phone.


Disqus, which is a popular interaction system for numerous website and blogs, allows users to comment on the posts using social networks. The Windows Phone app for Disqus makes this even simpler. The app enables the user to engage in conversation directly from their app instead of visiting the blog or website over and over again.

The app displays notifications of the discussions you’re part of. Every time a new comment is posted a notification is sent. It allows to follow people to get their activities on the internet. It gives an opportunity to explore active communities and active discussions from the app itself. You can directly comment, reply, star and vote from within the app itself.

As of now, Discus seems to have no plans for an Android or iOS app but we should definitely see some apps for these platforms too. To download the app visit the Windows Phone Store HERE.