Chrome Beta for Android gets updated; features data compression technology

A few days back we had reported that Google had updated its Chrome Beta browser for Android and had added some good features like full screen mode. Now the app has received yet another update and this update is going to make all the users really very happy.


The Chrome Beta 26 has a new data compression feature which apparently reduces the data usage by half. Now interested? The feature, which is still in the experimental stage, uses Google’s proxy servers to optimize web content, thus reducing the bandwidth required.

As the data compression feature is still in an experimental state, it is disabled by default. To enable the feature, type chrome://flags in the URL bar and choose Enable Data Compression Proxy. Once activated, the browser establish a connection with Google’s proxy servers and transmit HTTP requests. The proxy servers then pass on the request to the target resource, performs content optimization, and finally sends back a lighter load to the phones, thus boosting load time for the pages.

The Google Chrome Beta 26 for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store HERE.