Dropbox down – Hackers claim hacked; company claims maintainence

It has been claimed that Dropbox was hacked earlier today. When the site was unreachable, people got cranky and then, some hackers claimed that they had hacked Dropbox, complete with a database of details. But Dropbox has hit back with the information that this was a hoax. They claim that the database posted is not from Dropbox, but actually an old one posted last month.


Out of the two, Dropbox’s claim seems legit. But one can’t be sure, so do change your passwords and take care of all  your financial data. In case, you have personal data, we would advise you to encrypt it.

Here’s the official release Dropbox:

“Dropbox site is back up.

In regards to claims of “leaked user information” – this is a hoax. This is not Dropbox data. The list was published 12/9/13 at: http://pastebin.com/64PAAV1c

Today’s outage was caused during internal maintenance, and was not caused by external factors. We apologize for any inconvenience.”