The MetaPro glasses bring augmented reality for your eyes!

You might have seen a plenty of cool glasses in your lifetime, but we assure you that there is nothing, yes nothing you have seen as cool as this – the MetaPro glasses bring you augmented reality which will make you feel like Iron Man or Flash Gordon. Basically put, it bridges the gap between the virtual and the real and makes you act feel that you are actually doing something, while you aren’t doing it, like a 3D movie will.


Well, the MetaPro glasses actually look like they are sunglasses from the 1920’s. But the prototype is amazing – it can do stuff like like laying a grid around the real world for you, or say involving you in a gaming scenario – like you are actually in the game. But not just that, it neatly ties up with 3D printers. Now think of it like this – you took a bunch of stuff in the virtual world and lets say, created a remote. Now, transcending from virtual to real, you can actually give an order to 3D printer from the glasses and Voila! the thing is right in front of you. Neat, huh?

The product is currently in the development stage and might cost an exorbitant 3000$ making only hardcore gamers or people whose professions it’s useful for the ideal audience. But it sure seems interesting and miles ahead of Google Glass and others in the field.