How to run two WhatsApp accounts on Xiaomi Redmi 7A [Guide]

Xiaomi is leading the budget smartphones market, the Redmi 7A is the newest addition to its budget series and it’s priced at Rs 5,999. It features Android 9 Pie with MIUI on top that gives you many options to customize the phone. One nifty feature you can make use of is the dual apps feature.


The Dual Apps feature is nothing but an app cloner that creates a copy of the same app to run simultaneously with two different accounts. It helps you to run two separate accounts on one phone such as two different WhatsApp accounts.

Run Dual WhatsApp Accounts [Xiaomi Redmi 7A]

Running two accounts is possible on your Redmi 7A, the Dual Apps feature enables you to run two apps of the same kind together. To run two WhatsApp accounts on Redmi 7A,

  • Go to Settings -> Dual apps and tap the WhatsApp slider to clone it.

When you enable the dual apps for WhatsApp, what it does is it creates a second WhatsApp which can be used for a new account without interrupting the first WhatsApp.

Similarly, it works for other apps like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and more. If you decide to add multiple apps other than just WhatsApp, head to the Settings -> Dual apps and turn on the slider for the desired apps.



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