Dutch court: Samsung does not infringe on Apple’s multi-touch patent

We are back with the patent war news as a Dutch court has gone ahead and ruled that Samsung does not infringe on a patent that Apple alleged it does and relates to a multi-touch function, which lets users use two fingers at one time on a touch screen.
Over the past few months, Apple has taken Samsung and others OEMs to the court over the “pinch to zoom” function which is used on smartphones and tablets.

The court has said that, “With these products Samsung does not infringe the claims that Apple has made.” And happy with the results, Samsung released a statement which said:

“We welcome today’s ruling, which affirms our position that our products do not infringe Apple’s intellectual property. For decades, we have heavily invested in pioneering the development of technological and design innovations in the mobile industry, which have been constantly reflected in our products. We will continue to further develop and introduce products that enhance the lives of Dutch consumers.”
Both Samsung and Apple have been busy over the few months fighting each other in courts for patent disputes all over the world. And in August, a US jury went on to rule that Samsung did infringe on the patents held by Apple and has awarded $1.05 billion to Apple in damages.