Over 125,000 apps now published in Windows Phone Store

While Apple has over 700,000 apps for iOS users to choose from, Google has more than 650,000 apps for its Android users. And if the statistics of AAWP are to be believed, Windows Phone Store now has over 125,000 apps for Windows Phone smartphones.


Yes, the number is less when compared to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store but is constantly increasing.

AAWP notes that as of October 22nd, 2012:
  • 126,530 apps were published to the Windows Phone Marketplace over the last 20 months
  • 113,170 apps are live (publicly listed as available for download, total across 60 countries)
  • 101,517 apps are live in the US Marketplace
  • Windows Phone reached the 125,000 milestone faster than Android (26 months), but slower than iOS (18.5 months)
  • 30,000 developers have published an app in the Marketplace
  • Proportion of quality apps (rated five or more times) stable in the UK at 7.8% (8% in May), increasing in the US at 13.8% (12% in May)

The Windows Phone Store is growing at 215 apps being added every day and 15,822 were added in the last three months while 5,673 apps were added in the last month.
As we can see in the graph, the growth of the Windows Phone Store has indeed slowed down and this might be because developers know that the Windows Phone 8 OS is to be out in a few days and both the OS run on different platforms.
But we really hope that with the Windows Phone 8 coming on October 29th, the app submission in the WP Store will pick up.